Current Productions

Un Cas de Nostalgie

The story of one mime, a suitcase and one hell of an imagination. Join Pi as they venture into different memories, all triggered from things within a trusty case, and meet the incredible characters Pi meets on their travels.

The production that launched Pi the Mime, Un Cas was created for the Mimetic Festival with Finger in the Pie and has appeared at international festivals, theatres and venues many times since its creation back in the summer of 2013.

Et Moi

Two mimes, one circus! Well, what's left of it. Join Pi the Mime and Kiki Lovechild as they deal with the realisation that the circuses they called home have up and left. Without them! 

Created for and premiered at the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival, this collaboration with international and much loved clown Kiki Lovechild was received with great excitement by fans of both artists and the art form of clowning.

Pi In Your Show?

Pi the Mime can create new material to fit in with any full scale productions, play a character in your show or take a directorial, dramaturgical or choreography role in the creative team. 

Contact Pi to discuss your show, audition possibilities or to book one of the productions the mime has.