Workshops / training

Pi offers a variety of services with regards to training including drop in classes, long term workshops, one one one personal development and special one of skill sessions. All details of these appear on the calendar. If you would like a one on one session please contact Pi directly. The training is in the following areas:


Having trained in Decroux, Marceau and LeCoq forms of Mime, Pi can help you understand the specificity and develop the precision required to tell stories without saying a single word.


Free your inhibitions, react impulsively and learn to respond organically as you find your clown. From years of studying under clowning experts, Pi can help you begin or reaffirm your relationship with your own clown.


Pi works from a place of character. Having toured with Commedia dell Arte companies, the mime utilises this method of teaching when approaching the creation of character.


The art os satire and seduction, Pi focuses on the combination of dance, character and the manipulation of clothing and props to make political points, tell stories or leave an audience in awe.


All the mime's practice stems from the body, and Pi is an expert in relaying and instructing people of all levels in how to connect with their physicality and use it expressively and precisely.